Assistance in CDR  / IPENZ application writing

Assistance in CDR  / IPENZ application preparation from scratch

If you don’t have Career Episodes (or Work Episodes in case of IPENZ) written, we can help you preparing your CDR / IPENZ application from scratch. We would only need your CV and answers to few questions related to your professional experience. Our assistance would include:

Preparation of three Career Episodes (or Work Episodes in case of IPENZ) , Summary Statement (KA02 in case of IPENZ) and CPD based on your professional experience.

Chart below is a workflow visualisation of CDR  / IPENZ application preparation process.

How It Works

CDR Sample Writing Services Australia

Assistance in Summary Statement writing

Summary Statement is the most confusing part of the CDR writing process, and normally the most time consuming. If you have your career episodes ready, but you don’t know how to deal with the Summary Statement, this service is for you. We help you to prepare the Summary Statement based on your Career Episodes and analyse the Episodes for presence of all “units and elements of competency”. Our service includes:

Assistance with Summary Statement writing can normally be completed within 7-10 days.

Checking of your completed CDR

If you have completed writing your CDR and wish a professional to check its structure, style and perform linguistic analysis of your report, this service is for you. We test your Episodes and Summary Statement for presence of all the “units and elements of competency” and prepare the Advice Report with our conclusions. The Advice Report includes our findings, suggestions and advices about the structure and content of your CDR.

Checking of your completed CDR can normally be done within 5-7 days.

Remember that preparation of the Competence Demonstration Report is your own work. We provide advices and suggestions but can’t guarantee positive result. However we are experienced in CDR preparation and our clients are satisfied with our service.

Please read our ‘Terms and Conditions’ before using our service or buying CDR samples.

If you’re interested in any of our services please get in contact with us.

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