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 How our services work?

One of the major routes and the eldest services we provide is CDR report preparation for migration skills assessment with the  Engineers Australia. The chart below demonstrates how our services work if you order CDR preparation from scratch.

CDR Sample Writing Services Australia

In general, when you order our services, we will ask you to confirm your Occupational Category (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist or Engineering Manager), the ANZSCO code you are willing to apply under and your English exam results if you already undertaken the exam.  If you don’t know under what ANZSCO code to apply under, we will advice you on this for free.  We will also ask you to send us your CV.

After receiving this information we will allocate a Technical Writer for your case and this Technical Writer will be experienced in your field of practice. For example, if you are a Mechanical Engineer, your Technical Writer will have experience in Mechanical Engineering. All our Technical Writers have Engineering qualification.

Then we will send you questions list for your Career Episode 1. This questions list will contain questions regarding your professional experience. You will be asked to answer these questions and send us back.

We will then write the first Career Episode based on your answers. If there is not enough information, we will complete the missing information by ourselves or ask you additional questions if necessary. Once the Career Episode is ready and passed our internal quality check, we will deliver the Career Episode to you. This process normally takes 4-5 days.

The same procedure would then repeat for Career Episodes 2 and 3.

After all three Career Episodes are ready, quality  checked and approved by you, we will write the Summary Statement for you. We will not need any input from your side for Summary Statement preparation.

In the same time we will ask you to provide input for the CPD and prepare it for you as well.



Quite often we are asked about plagiarism and how we avoid plagiarism in our work. Here is the answer:

We use a sophisticated software in all our work that compares your CDR report to all other previously written CDRs and also to internet souses. We really care about plagiarism as we know that this is a major issue when submitting the application to Engineers Australia and other similar organisations.

Using our services guarantees that the application you receive from us is ready to submit and would be absolutely 100% plagiarism free.


What if you have all or part of your Career Episodes ready?

In this case we will check your ready Career Episodes for compliance with Engineers Australia requirements and if they need modification, we will modify them accordingly to fully comply with the Engineers Australia requirements.

We may need to send you questions in regards to your professional experience in case we are unable to complete the missing experience by ourselves.

In this case the price for  our services will  be lower, depends on the initial state of your Career Episodes.


What if I don’t have the needed experience?

There are cases where Engineers don’t have enough experience to write all 3 Career Episodes. Usually these are freshly graduated Engineers or ones that didn’t work in their professional field. For these cases we have the research services. When you order these services, we will do the investigation and prepare your Career Episodes without any input from your side. Please contact us to ask about these services.

Price for these services would depend on difficulty of the research we need to carry out for Career Episodes preparation. Your researched Career Episodes will still be plagiarism free.


KA02 application and other services

Our KA02 and other services will work in the similar way as CDR report writing. Questions list we send to you will be specific to organisation and type of application you apply for assessment with. This is because different skills assessment organisations would like different skills to be demonstrated by their applicants.

Prices for different types of assessment vary as well as different amount of work is required on different type of applications.  Please see the prices for different types of application on their individual pages in “services”drop down menu. If page is still “under construction” please contact us and we will guide you through.

Or just write us an email on cdr@cdrsample.com

And we will take it from there.

Sample CDR Report for Engineers Australia

Competency Demonstration Report
Competency Demonstration Report Sample