CDR writing prices

Cost of assistance in CDR preparation.

CDR writing prices: Cost for assistance in CDR preparation / upgrade depends on initial state of your CDR, especially of state of your Career Episodes. There are 3 main packages for CDR preparation:

Package  1:

Preparation of 3 Career Episodes, Summary  Statement and the CPD from zero and within about 4 weeks.


Price: £300 (GBP) / $389 (USD)

Please contact us to order these services.


Package 2: “Speedy service”

Preparation of 3 Career Episodes, Summary  Statement and the CPD from zero and within 2 weeks.


Usual Price: £419 (GBP) / $549 (USD)

Please contact us to order these services.


Package 3: “Service by part”

If you need only one or two Career Episodes or the Summary Statement to be  prepared or upgraded, this  service is for you.


Writing of one Career Episode or a Summary Statement:

Usual Price: £80 (GBP) / $104 (USD) each.


Writing will be completed within a week for each ordered part.


Please contact us to order these services.


The payment could be divided into 2 or more parts if you order package 1 or 2.


The price for our services is such because:

Consequently, our team spends a lot of time working on each CDR and provide excellent services with proven results. CDRsample operates since 2009, none of our competitors are, we are first to  business!

If you do have an initial draft Career Episodes, CDR writing prices would depend on initial state of your Career Episodes and amount of work we need to do in order to upgrade it to current Engineers Australia requirements.

Generally the price would be lower than price for writing CDR from scratch but it will depend on the initial state of your Career Episodes.

The price is such because we maintain a very personal approach and spend a lot of time upgrading and improving your CDR ensuring that it complies with all Engineers Australia standards.

Please send us your initial Career Episodes if you have any to for free evaluation and we will  send our quote after evaluation.

150% money back guarantee

Our current success rate is over 99% and we are very proud of it.

So far we have helped to hundreds of Engineers from all professions to pass their assessment with the Engineers Australia successfully on the first attempt.

Normally, if you send your CDR for assessment with the Engineers Australia, and your CDR does not fully comply with the requirements, the CDR is send back to you with comments.

If you used our services and were not successful with your assessment with the Engineers Australia on the first attempt, we will fix your CDR free of charge for resubmission.

If you are still unsuccessful on the second attempt, we will pay 150% of fee you paid us for our services.

Why we are so confident?

We are in this business for 4 years and so far we have helped to hundreds of Engineers with their CDR preparation / upgrade. None of our clients has failed with their assessment so far. Therefore we feel confident to give you 150% money back guarantee: we are confident enough that you are not going to need it!

Cost of the CDR samples

Cost of the complete CDR sample is £29.99. The complete CDR sample includes:

When purchasing the complete CDR sample you get 12% discount!

Parts of a CDR sample can be purchased separately. In this case cost of the Episodes and of the “Summary Statement” is £7.99 for each and of the “Continuing Professional Development” is £1.99.

We strongly recommend purchasing of the complete CDR sample. Work scope and understand stylistic and linguistic requirements of the Engineers Australia. As well you will have better understanding of the “Summary Statement” concept that involves experience described in all the three Career Episodes.

You can visit the XE website for approximate currency exchange rates.

Sample CDR Report for Engineers Australia

Competency Demonstration Report
Competency Demonstration Report Sample