Selecting your ANZSCO Code

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Date: May 12, 2017

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Engineers! If you are preparing your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) now and are confused or don’t have enough time to prepare it by yourself, we are in CDRsample are here to help. Please contact us using the “contact us” form on our web site or directly on . In today’s article we will continue speaking about ANZSCO code selection.  Our previous article on this topic and more articles covering various topics about Migration Skills Assessment can be found here  and on our Facebook page:

Choosing the right ANZSCO code for your application with the EA is one of the main steps you need to take when applying for the Migrations Skills Assessment. The main choice to make here is whether you are to apply as a Professional Engineer or as an Engineering Technologist. ANZSCO code descriptions are given in the following website:

The main difference between Professional Engineer and Engineering Technologist Occupational Categories is that the Professional Engineer in majority of ANZSCO codes should demonstrate a vast and deep design experience in his Career Episodes. The design experience should be major and include all the design stages relevant to his profession. The Career Episodes should cover majority of responsibilities listed in the ANZSCO code description.

If an Engineer applies as a professional Engineer but does not demonstrate such profound design experience he might be “downgraded” to an Engineering Technologist occupational category (233914) by the EA or asked to provide more details related to design as a response to his application.

Also Professional Engineers and Engineers Technologists should have a relevant degree – these requirements are described on page 6 of the MSA booklet that you can download from the EA website.

Please pay attention the Engineering Technologist ANZSCO code is a general code and you can apply under it even if your specific profession is not listed within the Engineering Technologist ANZSCO code specialisations.

We are in CDRsample provide free advice and guidance to our Clients in case we think that you have chosen the wrong ANZSCO code for your application. We will direct you to the right ANZSCO code so you have a successful application on the first attempt as 99.9% of our Clients do.

Choosing the right ANZSCO code

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Date: May 08, 2017

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Engineers! If you are preparing for Migration Skills Assessment and confused about your CDR (Competency Demonstration Report in full), we are here to provide you help you need. We also provide help in selecting the right ANZSCO code for our Clients.  CDRsample has over 7 years of experience in CDR preparation. Just contact us on and we will take on your case and assist you in CDR preparation regardless of your level of experience.


When you order our services we will also be able to provide you advice on the ANZSCO code in case you don’t know what the right one for you. Many cases are not straightforward in regards to choosing the right ANZSCO code and we in CDRsample would be able to direct you to the most suitable ANZSCO code for your case.


In these series of articles we will provide you guidance for selecting the right ANZSCO code if you have decided to prepare the CDR application by yourself.


Today we will talk about a common position that a lot of Engineers occupy – the position of Project Manager. First of all, a lot of applicants are confused between the position of project Manager and Engineering Manager Occupational Category (ANZSCO code 133211). Please read page 47 of the MSA booklet for Engineering Manager Occupational Category general description. The minimum requirement for applying under this Occupational Category is minimum of three years at Engineering Manager level and minimum of 7 years at Professional Engineering Manager beforehand.


If you don’t meet these requirements as well as other requirements specified on page 47 of MSA booklet or if you don’t carry our tasks on a level specified on page 48, you should apply as a Professional Engineer instead.


In case that you meet the requirements for Professional Engineer and you worked as a Project Manager mainly, we would recommend you to apply under Engineering Professionals NEC – ANZCO code 233999.


In our articles we cover various topics related to CDR preparation. All of our articles could be found on our Facebook page  or in the blogs section of our website:





CDRsample services for CDR writing

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Date: May 04, 2017

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Engineers, are you preparing your CDR right now? We in CDRsample provide assistance in CDR preparation to Engineers from all occupational  categories and professions. Need help? Please contact us on and we will assist you with your CDR.

We also have a lot of free advice available on our website  and on our Facebook page . In our posts we cover CDR preparation point by point including advise on how to write your Career Episodes, Summary Statement and the CPD. We also provide tips and general guidance on how to approach your application.

Today we are going to expand more on choosing the correct ANZSCO code for your application.

When you apply for migration skills assessment you need to choose the right ANZSCO code. Normally applicant’s ANZSCO code would be the one that represents your degree and the experience you gained after at work after your graduation. Usually Engineers work at professions they have studied for.

If you have mixed experience and did not always work at your profession exactly – you may need to emphasize the relevant experience to your profession (and to your degree) in the Career Episodes to make it match the ANZSCO code description you decided to apply under. Please remember that you can (and should, in this case) always write one of your Career Episodes based on your final year Engineering project taken place at the University.

In case you studied and gained a particular degree but all your professional experience lies in a different field, you should choose the ANZSCO code that matches your experience. Alternatively, you can choose the Engineers Technologist Occupational Category. This Occupational Category is more general and is good for such cases.

If you order our services at CDRsample for reviewing your ready CDR, Summary Statement preparation or writing of the entire CDR from scratch we will direct you to the right ANZSCO code.  We will take care of the content of your CDR so you could pass the migration skills assessment on the first attempt as 99% of our customers do.

CDRsample Services – Career Episodes writing

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Date: May 01, 2017


Engineers! Are you in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) preparation for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia or in your KA02 application preparation for NZQA (IPENZ)? In this case, we are in CDRsample can help you with your application writing including help on your Career Episodes writing, Summary Statement writing and the CPD. Please visit us on or send an enquiry to On the website you can use the “contact us” form as well.


Many Clients ask us how our services work? Here is the answer to this common question. If you have drafted your Career Episodes yourself, we will evaluate them (and this service is provided free of charge) and send you the evaluation result and the quote for reviewing and upgrading your Career Episodes to the Engineers Australia standards. The price would depend on the quality of your initial Career Episodes and how far they are from the Engineers Australia current requirements.


Quite often our Clients have written the draft Career Episodes and don’t have the Summary Statement. After we finished working on your Career Episodes and you approved them, we will carry on and prepare your Summary Statement and the CPD if you need one.


When we start working on your Career Episodes, we will send you questions list to extract information relevant to your Engineering experience. You will be asked to answer these questions and provide as much information as you possibly can, especially about your design experience. This applies particularly to those who wish to apply under Professional Engineering Occupational Category.


After we receive the answers from you on your first Career Episode, we will start working on writing / upgrading your first Career Episode and ask you to answer questions for your second Career Episode.  This process will repeat with your second and third Career Episodes.


We normally complete every CDR within 3-4 weeks but this is if Client provides the answers to the questions list reasonably fast. The speed of our services strongly depends on how quickly the Client would provide the answers and this is important that you cooperate with us and provide the answer quickly if you want the CDR be completed on time.


Please visit our Facebook Page for free information on CDR preparation and useful tips.





Skilled Occupation List

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Date: April 27, 2017

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Engineers! If you have started your process for migration to Australia, and now are or about to write your CDR, you might need to hurry up: There is a list of professions that might be removed from Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

According to information we have, changes to Skilled Occupation List SOL are likely to take place in July 2017. Professions that may be dropped down from SOL in July 2017 are listed in the following link:

Please notice that this does not mean that all these flagged professions will necessarily be removed from the Skilled Occupation List this year, but this indicated that such possibility does exist.

However, if you are now in the process of preparing your application and you have one of the flagged occupations listed in the link above, do hurry up and complete your application before July. We are only in end of April, and this is possible to do.

We are in CDRsample normally complete the CDR within 3-4 weeks if you are able to provide information that is required from your side fairly quickly. We also have speedy services where we complete a CDR within 2 weeks if you need your application faster. Our CDR preparation services include writing of three Career Episodes, Summary Statement and the CPD. We also help with CVs, Reference Letters and any additional documentation you might need for your application.

If you need help with your CDR and you need your CDR quickly, please contact us on and we will be able to offer you the help you need.