CDR writing rules – beware of plagiarism

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Date: August 14, 2017

CDR writing rules

When you are writing your CDR, particularly the Career Episodes, you should follow CDR writing rules. One of the most important rules when you are writing your Career Episodes is to avoid any plagiarism. Even if you use any internet sources to find other CDRs or Career Episodes for reference, you need to make sure that you don’t copy and paste any content from there “as is”. All content you use needs to be heavily modified so that nothing from the original content appears in your Career Episodes.

When Engineers Australia receive you application, they compare the wording of your Career Episodes to their database and check if any content is same to previous submitted CDRs. The worst type of negative outcome you may receive from the Engineers Australia is a rejection on a plagiarism basis. In this case not only your application will be rejected, you will also not have a possibility to reapply with a new CDR for a period of time or even indefinitely. So follow these most important CDR writing rules and avoid plagiarism in your CDR.

You can find a lot of online plagiarism checking software. If you do use some online resources for information, do use plagiarism checking software to check if there is any plagiarism left in your Career Episodes. This will help you avoiding plagiarism from online sources.

If you order our services for CDR writing, we would never copy content from any online resources and any previous CDRs we have prepared. We also use specialist plagiarism checking software that allows us to check that your Career Episodes are free of plagiarism against online sources. Also, this software allows us to check content of your Career Episodes against all CDRs we have previously done so there is no way of plagiarism to appear in your CDR.

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CDR application for migration skills assessment with Engineers Australia

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Date: August 10, 2017

engineers australia

Today CDRsample will answer one of important questions:  When applying for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia  – what professions can get on without design experience?

Normally when you are writing your CDR, it is very important to describe in detail you design experience; this is the main part and the core of your Career Episodes. Describing your design experience is particularly important if you apply as a Professional Engineer. Professions that the design experience is essential are Mechanical Engineers, Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Chemical Engineers and others. So, what professions could usually get on without design experience?

These are professions that naturally don’t or don’t always have design responsibilities naturally involved within their day work. One of the examples to such professions is Material Engineering.  According to Material Engineering ANZSCO code description Material Engineers “Investigates the properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and other materials and assesses and develops their engineering and commercial applications”. This may mainly involve work in the laboratory. And “design” here may involve process design (in lab) to arrive to correct material’s properties.

Another exclusion is the Industrial Engineer who works on business operational improvement rather than on plant layout design or line redesign for efficiency improvement. These are proper Industrial Engineers who “Investigate and review the utilisation of personnel, current operational processes and established practices, to recommend improvement in the efficiency of operations in a variety of commercial, industrial and production environments”.

An any case, before you start working on your CDR, you should read your profession ANZSCO code description and make sure that experience detailed in your Career Episodes comply to your ANZSCO code description.  The best source for information about ANZSCO code is in the following link: . This is very important to apply under a correct ANZSCO code for successful assessment with the Engineers Australia.

If you have any questions regarding CDR writing or about migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia, please  contact us on and we will be answer all questions you might  have.

How Engineers Australia check your CDR application

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Date: August 07, 2017

CDR application

We at CDRsample deal with CDR for migration skills assessment.  We don’t only deal with CDR writing but also would like to expand and cover topics that are related to your CDR application as a whole.

When you apply for migration skills assessment via CDR path and send your CDR application to the Engineers Australia they check it in the following way:  First of all they check the Summary Statement for presence of major indicators, especially these in the second part of the Summary Statement – PE2 “Engineering Application Ability”. This part of the Summary Statement is particularly important especially for Professional Engineers as it should demonstrate your design and design related abilities. Hence, when you write your Summary Statement make sure that you cover this part of the Summary Statement well and demonstrate as many indicators as you possibly can.

Then the assessor would check the reference paragraphs in Summary Statement and read the paragraphs in the Career Episodes that you stated are covering a particular competency. So, when you write the Summary Statement, make sure that you fill in relevant reference paragraphs.

After that the assessor would read each of your Career Episodes your CV and your CPD. Make sure that you enclose all relevant documents with your CDR application. Checklist is available in MSA booklet which you can download from Engineers Australia website.

In CDRsample we provide Summary Statement writing services. A lot of Engineers are very confused with Summary Statement preparation and it is the most challenging part of CDR application indeed. If you feel that you need help with your Summary Statement or with entire CDR, please contact us on and our experience team will take care of you application.

More articles on various topics related to CDR application are available here and here Please notice that CDRsample is not related to Engineers Australia organisation at any way; we are two separate organisations.

Migration skills assessment booklet

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Date: August 01, 2017

Migration skills assessment booklet

CDRsample not only provides assistance in CDR writing and CDR ready examples but also follows news and announcements on Engineers Australia website. For more news, updated and articles, please see and Today we will speak about Migration skills assessment booklet


When you are writing your CDR, it is important to choose the right and most recent version of Migration skills assessment booklet (MSA booklet). Engineers Australia updates the booklet every so often, typically once a year. If you have started preparing your CDR a few months ago and finally came to a state of applying soon, you should check if meanwhile the Engineers Australia has issued the next version of Migration skills assessment booklet. If they did so, you need to check what the changes were as you may need to update you application accordingly to match the updated requirements described in the new version of MSA booklet.


This is quite rare that Engineers Australia make dramatic changes in the Migration skills assessment booklet. Majority of the times the changes are quite minor. But time to time (every few years as per our experience) the requirement for the Summary Statement changes. This means that elements order and content has changed. In this case, if you have already prepared you Summary Statement, you will need to adjust it accordingly.


Where to find the most recent Migration skills assessment Booklet


All information you need about CDR and other types of application can be found on Engineers Australia website:  Migration skills assessment booklet – most recent one is from October 2016 can be downloaded from the following link:


If you need CDR writing services for migration skills assessment or for stage 1 application, please contact us on and we would be able to assist you on any problem related to your application. Please notice that CDRsample is an independent organisation and we are not related to Engineers Australia.

English language test result for CDR application

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Date: July 28, 2017

CDR application

We in CDRsample follow Engineers Australia updates and important announcements for your success in your CDR application. For more news and articles on CDR preparation please visit our FB page or our website blog section

Last Engineers Australia announcement on CDR application

The Engineers Australia has made an announcement about your English language test result. Basically Engineers Australia is asking to include your test result within your application. Your test result has to be 6.0 or over in each of the modules if you have done IELTS test. For TOEFL the minimum is 12 for listening, 13 for reading, 21 for writing and 18 for speaking.


To view this announcement in full and for more announcements on CDR application visit here:


CDRsample services and your CDR application

When you order our services we would ask if you have already taken your IELTS / TOEFL test and whether the result is known to you. If not, then we would ask what score you attempt to reach. This is because when we prepare the CDR application for you and write your Career Episode, we would adjust the writing level to your English capabilities. This is because we can’t let Client with overall IELTS score of 6.0 to have CDR written as if he had 8.0 and wise versa.


In CDRsample we do more than just technical writing and arranging information you provided in order: we advise you on your ANZSCO code and recommend changing to a different ANZSCO code if you done this wrongly. We provide CV and Recommendation Letter writing for your CDR application. We would ask you for additional information if case you have not provided enough or provided wrong information and more. We would do everything for you to pass on the first attempt.


If you wish to know more about our services and need your CDR or part of it to be written from scratch, reviewed or upgraded, please contact us on and we will provide you a quote with a detailed explanation about work we are going to do on your case.