Top 5 Online Courses Part 2

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Date: June 20, 2017

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Strengthening your CPD by Attending Online Courses – Part 2


When you write your CDR, you find out the CPD (or the Competency Demonstration Report) is one of the important parts you will need to prepare for your CDR application. To enrich your CPD you can take online courses widely available now online.


Continuing from last week, here comes the second part of the top 5 online courses that are starting soon in various education platforms. This time we focus on different topics, essentially covering a wider spectrum of interest and specialization for all engineers out there. Read on to find out more about the courses that we have picked out.


3.) If you are into Oil and Gas engineering, the course “Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering” offered on the Udemy platform would be a great introduction to calculating reservoir flow rates using Darcy’s Law, application of material balances and calculation of hydrocarbon in all reservoir types, well testing, rock and fluid properties, and production rate predictions. The course is divided into twelve sections with the first two being introductory chapters and it is geared towards people who will join Oil & Gas companies and want to get to know more about all the technical elements involved in this special engineering field.


4.) Another interesting upcoming course that starts on June 14 is the “Supply Chain Fundamentals” offered on The main topics covered in this course include but are not limited to Demand Forecasting, Planning, and Management, Inventory Planning, Management, and Control, Transportation Planning, Management, and Execution. The instructor is the director of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) program in Supply Chain Management so he is a respected and acknowledged expert in this field.


5.) Finally, a course that concerns all engineers out there is the “Research Methods: An Engineering Approach” that is also offered on the edX by the Wits University and starts on July the 5th. This course will aid you in perfecting your research process, research planning, using modern creative research tools, and hone your information control and assessment skills.


Top 5 Online Courses

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Date: June 17, 2017

CPD online courses part 1 big

Strengthening your CPD by Attending Online Courses – Part 1


Online education has become a crucial part of the modern engineer’s continuing professional development (CPD), as the offered courses pullulate year by year, the level of the instructors raises, and the topics spectrum widens and also deepens. The following courses are open to everyone around the globe, so feel free to go ahead and check the list with the top five online courses that we have compiled for you. Remember, your continuous professional development is a crucial part of your CDR, so it can raise the chances of success of your migration skills assessment application.


1.) If you are interested in autonomous drones and use of sensors in flight, then the “Robotics: Aerial Robotics” course offered on the Coursera platform by the University of Pennsylvania is a great course to start with. The course starts in July the 3rd and constitutes of six sections, namely the aerial robotics, the computational motion planning, the mobility, the perception, the estimation and learning, and finally the capstone project. The seven professors who participate in this amazing course will help you understand how drones detect the characteristics of their environment and decide their maneuvering actions, how 3D space is synthesized inside their computational units, and finally how to use MATLAB and GNU Octave to program and also simulate these control systems.


2.) Another very interesting specialization offered on Coursera and starting on June 12 (you have until 19 to enroll) is the “Geographic Information Systems (GIS)”. GIS is increasingly important in many engineering sectors and this course will help you learn all about analytical map development and spatial analysis techniques. The course consists of five chapters being the fundamentals, the GIS Data formats, the geospatial and environmental analysis, the imagery automation and applications, and a geospatial analysis project.

How CDRSample keeps the prices down

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Date: June 13, 2017


We would like to share how we in CDRSample keeps the prices for their services down comparing to the market.


First of all – we never advertise using AdWords or other paid advertisement anywhere online.

For you as services (or product) buyer it is important to understand that if you buy any services from a company that has massive online advertisement, you, as a buyer pay for this advertisement campaign from your pocket. Companies who use advertisement to promote their sales through paid campaigns need to cover their costs and they have to increase price for their services or product.


We, in CDRsample never use paid advertising, you will never see us on google AdWords or similar and this helps us keeping the price for our services relatively low.


Second – we don’t have a physical office. Same principal here: Companies who have physical offices would need to pay for these offices and the only way they can do this is by covering for these expenses by increasing the cost for their services / product.

CDRsample is an on-line based company. We do not have an office, hence we don’t need to pay for it and can maintain low price for our services.


Third – We don’t have a call centre. All communication with our Clients is done on email. This method has proven its suitability and convenience over 8 years that we operate. Using emails instead of phone conversations is convenient as emails are picked up quickly and our Clients don’t need to adjust themselves to the time difference. We have many Clients from Far East and Australia that can send us an email at any time and this is just as convenient as for Client who live closer to our time zone.


Please read our articles here and here   Please contact us on for any queries related to CDR preparation.

Successful CDR Writing Advice – CDR Sample

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Date: June 09, 2017


When you are writing your Competency Demonstration Report it is important to pay attention to the general requirements that Engineers Australia would like you to follow when writing your Career Episodes.


One of these general requirements is the word count for the Career Episodes as whole and for each part of it as well. Majority of these requirements can be found on pages 19-20 of EA booklet that you can find and download from the EA website.


Career Episodes should not exceed 2500 words (minimum word count is 1000 words); Introduction and Summary should be around 100 words each. Background should be 200-500 words and the main part of the Career Episode – Personal Engineering Activity should be between 500 and 1000 words. According to our experience if the Personal Engineering Activity exceeds 1000 words it normally does not cause any problem with an application.


When you write your Career Episodes you should not overwhelm them with excessive technical details. For example, if you have made various calculations during your project work, you should not provide the calculations themselves but write what kind of calculations you have performed. For example: during the work on this project I have carried out flow calculations for x system etc.


If during the work on a specific project you have made design drawings, you don’t need to provide all the drawings within your application, one will be enough. Do list the drawings you have prepared during the work on a project, this is quite important. Also, do specify professional software you used for drafting the drawings, simulation, testing, project management etc.


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ACS And Its Detailed Information One Must Be Aware About Before Immigrating To Australia

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Date: June 05, 2017

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ACS is an abbreviation for Australian Computer Society. ACS is an assessing authority with authorization for different ICT occupations that are listed in the Skilled Occupations List-SOL and Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List- CSOL. It is essential for the clients to have deep knowledge about different personal requirements that are set by the DIBP- Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

How to get detailed information?

The applicants can also seek knowledge about the same with professional assistance from any Registered Migration Agent. The detailed information must be gained in before applying for ICT Skill assessment. ACS application is lodged online! If the application is lodged individually, then it is essential to refer to the terms and rules information on the Applicant’s page.

If any Migration agent lodges it, then the agent would have to lodge the application on behalf of the client. Specific terms and rules information are specified in the Migration Agent’s page. These information pages do have the related information that is essential for meeting different requirements of ACS. This would be helpful in submitting the application successfully.

Uploading the required documents in PDF format is essential for the online ACS Application! ACS would issue the result letter in PDF format through email that would be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which would act as an evidence of the ICT skills assessment.