Stage 2 Competency Assessment for Chartered Status with Engineers Australia

If you are already a member with the Engineers Australia and have the appropriate experience, you may apply for a Chartered Status. For this you need to pass the Stage 2 Competency Assessment.

Information about Chartered Engineer Assessment can be found on Engineers Australia website, chartered engineer section:

Stage 2 Competency Assessment application

Application for a chartered status consists of 16 Claims, EER, CPD and additional documents.

16 Claims (or Elements) would describe and provide details about a specific engineering professional competency that needs to be demonstrated in each claim. These 16 elements are:

  1. Deal with ethical issues
  2. Practise competently
  3. Responsibility for engineering activities
  4. Develop safe and sustainable solutions
  5. Engage with the relevant community and stakeholders
  6. Identify, assess and manage risks
  7. Meet legal and regulatory requirements
  8. Communication
  9. Performance
  10. Taking action
  11. Judgement
  12. Advanced engineering knowledge
  13. Local engineering knowledge
  14. Problem analysis
  15. Creativity and innovation
  16. Evaluation

The applicant would need to demonstrate fulfilment of all these 16 Claims  (or elements) covering as many competency indicators as possible within given frame of maximum 700 words for each Claim.

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Sample CDR Report for Engineers Australia

Competency Demonstration Report
Competency Demonstration Report Sample