About CDRsample


CDRsample is located in Cambridge, UK. We are a registered business in the UK and we are totally independent from the Engineers Australia organisation. CDRsample now operates over 8 years in CDR preparation field and we are experienced in the CDR preparation and preparation on NZQA and other applications. We have assisted many Engineers from all over the world to receive positive results in the process of migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia and with IPENZ.

Our Technical Writers who assist our clients in CDR preparation hold Engineering degrees and have wide and profound knowledge in their engineering fields. Our assistance in the CDR preparation is professional, fast and relatively inexpensive comparing to the market.

We also have a range of CDR ready examples you can buy for just £29.99. Our CDR samples are up to date, various, written in very clear language and can be easily applied for creation of your own CDR.

Our company is independent from Engineers Australia organisation and we don’t represent this organisation. We do assist Engineers with their CDR preparation based on our wide experience, deep understanding of Engineering practice and knowledge of the Engineers Australia requirements.

99% of our Clients success rates with passing their assessment after using our assistance clearly demonstrates that our services are highly effective and beneficial for our Clients.


CDRsample Technical Team

Technical Manager

Has a degree and 8 years of experience in Chemical Process Engineering field. Technical Manager’s expertise includes working in full time positions in a large pharmaceutical company, in a copper mining company, a global company that specialises in catalysts in  the UK. Technical Manager works in “CDRsample” since it was established in 2009 and provided guidance to hundreds of Engineers around the globe in their migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia, ACS and IPENZ organisations.

Our Technical Team consists of 12 Engineers from various Engineering professions who also have profound experience in Technical Writing.  Our core Technical Writers work 6-7 years for CDRsample and built up a strong experience in Technical Writing for Migration Skills Assessment applications during the years of practice.

Our Technical Writers cover  each  and every  specialization: We have Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Chemical  and more Engineering  Technical Writers on our team. At the moment  we cover all specializations and  all ANZSCO codes our Clients apply for assessment.

We allocate our Clients to Technical Writers from their field, this way professional “speaks” to professional as the Technical Writer understands exactly what he writes about.

Here are some of our  Technical writers profiles

Technical Writer – Adam

The technical writer holds Master of Science degree in Information Systems Management, alongside a Bachelor of Engineering Degree, with an ongoing Doctoral studies in Switzerland. With professional interests in IT / Engineering professional, he has worked for companies like AT&T (USA), Philips (India, Netherlands), and LG (India, Korea, China). His experience covers a lengthy history of technical writing and preparation of documents in the related fields, as well as advising and incubating technology startups.

Technical Writer  – Billy

A Mechanical Engineer with specialties in: General Engineering, Renewable Energy, Computer Numerical Controlled Process, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Cooling and Heating Engineering and Technical English. This Technical Writer excels in computer skills connected with new technologies and open software. Former and current editor of numerous web sites as well the TW is proficient in technical language and technical writing.

Technical Writer – David

An MSc (Advanced Computer Science) graduate from University of Leicester, UK. Also has a BEng degree (Computer science and engineering). The TW has experience working as a software developer — developed a web-based music distribution system for a record label in the UK; is proficient in Java, C# and VB. Net programming languages, and web technologies. As an MSc thesis, she performed research in the field of Computing with Uncertainty and developed algorithms for solving problems in the uncertainty setting. Furthermore, she is an experienced technical  writer and content editor.

Sample CDR Report for Engineers Australia

Competency Demonstration Report
Competency Demonstration Report Sample