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The purpose of this website is to help Engineers who wish to apply for migration skills assessment with Engineers Australia by providing assistance in Competency Demonstration Reports writing (CDR writing) services and CDR examples. Check out our Prices

Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications

We also assist Engineers who wish to apply for stages 1 and 2 Competency Assessment for Membership and Chartered status with the Engineers Australia and to Engineers who apply to NZQA (IPENZ) for Immigration to New Zealand.

Ready made CDR examples

There are various CDR examples available on this website. Please scroll down to CDR samples part of the website. If you cannot find the CDR sample of your specific profession – please contact us and we will try to find an appropriate report for you from our database.

About CDRsample

Our company is independent from Engineers Australia  / NZQA organisations. Our successful assistance to Engineers worldwide with their assessment is based on our knowledge and vast expertise in this field.

CDR writing and migration skills assessment is a time consuming process therefore it is important to get it right on the first attempt. We believe and it was also proven by our client’s exceptionally high success rate ….

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Competency Demonstration Reports - CDR Samples


The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Mechanical Engineer with various work….


The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Electronics Engineer with various work experience ….


The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Civil Engineer with a various work experience ….


The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Industrial Engineer with vast and various work ….


The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Oil and Gas Engineer with various work experience ….


The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Chemical Engineer with various work experience….


The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Electrical Engineer with over six years of professional….

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Our services: Assistance in CDR report / IPENZ application writing


Assistance in CDR, IPENZ application preparation or upgrade

If you don’t have Career Episodes  (or Work Episodes) written, we can help you preparing your CDR, IPENZ application preparation from scratch. We would only need your CV and answers to few questions related to your professional experience. Our assistance would include:

– Preparation of three Career Episodes (or Work Episodes in case of IPENZ)

– Preparation of Summary Statement (KA02 form in case of IPENZ)

– CPD based on your professional experience.

Other documents (such as CV) preparation or upgrade are available for a separate small fee as well.

We also provide services of Summary Statement preparation based on your ready Career Episodes and services on checking of your ready CDR in case you have prepared it yourself.

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About CDRsample

Migration Skills Assessment
CDRsample is located in Cambridge, UK. We are a registered business in the UK and we are totally independent from the Engineers Australia organisation. Our company now operates over 8 years in CDR preparation field and we are experienced in the CDR preparation and preparation on NZQA application. We have assisted many Engineers from all over the world to receive positive results in the process of migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia and with IPENZ.

Our Technical Writers who assist our clients in CDR preparation hold Engineering degrees and have wide and profound knowledge in his engineering field. Our assistance in the CDR / NZQA application preparation is professional, fast and relatively inexpensive comparing to the market.

We also have a range of CDR ready examples you can buy for just under £30. Our CDR samples are up to date, various, written in very clear language and can be easily applied for creation of your own CDR.

Our company is independent from Engineers Australia organisation and we don’t represent this organisation. We do assist Engineers with their CDR preparation based on our wide experience, deep understanding of Engineering practice and knowledge of the Engineers Australia requirements.

99% of our Clients success rates with passing their assessment after using our assistance clearly demonstrates that our services are highly effective and beneficial for our Clients.

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If you have purchased a CDR or a part of it and still have doubts about creation of your own report, please do not hesitate to email us and ask for additional explanations. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible and to share our experience with you regarding to CDR writing.

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